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All American Prides Itself On Excellent Workmanship And Attention To Detail.
• All team members are fully trained and insured for Workers’ Compensation.
• Pavement surfaces are thoroughly pre-cleaned prior to sealcoat application.
• Commercial grade sealer applied at recommended manufacturer rates. MSDS available upon request.
• Note: Sealer will be hand applied near all hardscapes to prevent splatter.

Benefits Of Sealcoating

1. Saves You Money - The skyrocketing cost of new asphalt makes sealcoating more cost effective than ever before. For just pennies per square foot you can protect your asphalt against the harmful elements that lead to its deterioration.
2. Prolongs Pavement Life - Routine Maintenance (proper crack sealing and sealcoating) can double the life of your asphalt
3. Slows Oxidation - Slows oxidation and damage from the sun’s harmful rays. The sun causes the essential oils and binders to dry out which makes the asphalt brittle and more susceptible to cracking.
4. Prevents Water Penetration - Weather-proofing agents repel water – the number one enemy of asphalt. Asphalt is naturally porous; left unsealed, water will penetrate through the pores and cracks and disturb the base – eventually leading to failure of the pavement.
5. Improves Appearance - First impressions of your home or place of business are greatly enhanced with a deep, rich, satiny black finish.

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sealcoating crack repairs on a parking lot sealcoating crack repairs on a parking lot sealcoating a parking lot

Commercial Sealcoating Service

At All American we offer commercial sealcoating services. As asphalt ages degradation and changes in color and texture are going to happen. As the seasons change moisture can seep underneath your asphalt and cause cracks or potholes. With All American’s commercial sealcoating services you can keep your asphalt looking its best, and keep it safe. Commercial sealcoating will extend the life of your asphalt, slow down oxidation and weathering, resist gas and oil spills, improve the appearance of the asphalt, and provide slip resistance. Our commercial sealcoating services will add value to any business. We use the best products and techniques available to ensure the best results possible for every commercial sealcoating job.


1. Power Cleaning and Sweeping
2. Additional Cleaning
3. Treat Oil Spots
4. Two Coats Sealer
5. Sealer Application
6. Line Striping
*Additional services available include crack and joint cleaning and rubber crack filling.

Parking Lot Striping & Pavement Marking

Clean, crisp lines and markings enhance safety, comply with current laws and make your parking lot more attractive!
Does your parking lot ...
• need changes to better suit your requirements?
• comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act?
• have lines that are neat, straight and easily visible?
• have adequate and correctly painted disabled parking?
• have Fire Lanes and No Parking areas clearly marked?
• provide markings for safe vehicle and pedestrian traffic?
• leave you vulnerable to lawsuits arising from poor markings?
• make a favorable impression to customers and visitors using your facility?

before & after sealcoating

Residential Sealcoating Service

At All American we offer residential sealcoating services. As asphalt driveways age, changes in color and texture are inevitable. Many factors including weather, sunlight, and traffic on the driveway combine to slowly alter the appearance of driveways and make them more brittle and prone to cracking. Sealcoating is a great way to keep your driveway looking new and to protect it from the elements. Of course, to receive these benefits it is very important that the sealcoating is performed correctly. That’s where All American comes in. We use the best products and techniques available to ensure the best results possible for any sealcoating job.

Every driveway we seal receives the highest level of service. The steps of our process are as follows:
1. Power Edging
2. Power Edge Cleaning
3. Power Sweeping & Blowing
4. Oil Spot Treatment
5. Driveway Edging Brush
6. Brush Sealer Application
7. Barricade Driveway
*Additional services available include crack and joint cleaning and rubber crack filling.

Commercial Seal Coating Service

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Commercial Seal Coating Service

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